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DIY for Food Service

When you simply cannot have pests around your kitchen you need pest control with peace of mind.

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Council Compliant DIY pest control

Save from $1,200 per annum

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To get you started we recommend you have a technician attend your premises to complete a Professional German Cockroach treatment to ensure we are keeping those pesky cockroaches at bay. A German Cockroach treatment completed by a professional Pest control technician will offer ongoing protection from German cockroaches as well as being able to offer suggestions on how you can minimise the risk of pests on your premises. The standard cost for a German Cockroach treatment is $287.50 BUT we'll deliver and install your DIY Package at no cost.

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How much is the DIY Compliance Package?

DIY Compliance packages come in three sizes depending on the size of your kitchen and service area.

diy pest control for takeaways


A simple & effective DIY pest control solution for small home bakeries, takeaways and cafes with 1 or 2 at risk appliances and limited entry points. Very easy to set-up and manage. Our most popular package.

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diy pest control for cafes


Suitable for larger bars, cafes and restaurants. Cover off all service and food preparation areas. Makes managing your pest control a breeze.

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diy pest control for restaurants


Ideal for large restaurants, bars, cafes as well as food production facilities. Protect multiple food prep, service and waste disposal areas. Save serious cost by bringing pest control in-house.

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Unsure of what package is best suited to your business? Use our handy calculator to work out how many rodent bait stations and German cockroach monitors you need, than pick the appropriate package. Don't worry if it's not exact all items can also be ordered individually

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How am I saving $1200 per annum?

By choosing a Bug King Compliance Package we provide full  support to help monitor your own pest control. This takes less than 10 minutes a month, checking and replacing baits in Rodent Bait stations, checking and replacing German Cockroach monitors (as needed). Completing the necessary paperwork, which is provided in easy to use template form.We ensure you are complaint with the Food Act 2014. No need for regular visits from pest control technician.

Why choose Bug Kings' DIY Pest Control?

We Keep Your Costs Down

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