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Food Compliance Package - Small

Food Compliance Package - Small

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Food Act 2014 compliant Professional Quality D.I.Y. Pest Control package for retail food providers. This low cost, highly effective package meets all government and local council requirements for pest control in a retail food environment. The package includes;
  • 1 x professional quality rat bait station.
  • 4 x professional quality mouse bait stations.
  • 20 professional quality rodent baits.
  • 12 x sheets of professional quality German cockroach monitors (36 x monitors. Enough to provide monitoring for 12 months).
  • Full installation instructions and advice on the best place to position your bait stations and monitors for maximum effectiveness.
  • Council compliant documentation and instructions to complete;
  • Safety Data Sheet for the professional bait.
  • Site Map template.
  • Pest Sighting Report.
  • Service Report template.
  • Access to Bug King's professional helpline.