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DIY for your Home

It can be confusing trying to manage pest control yourself at home and expensive to get the professionals in.  Our DIY solutions for residential homes offer simple solutions to solve your pest control issues at home backed up by our expert support and advice.

Bug King DIY Rodent Control Solutions | Pic of rat.


Professional quality rodent control products backed up with expert advice. Get rid of rats and mice permanently.

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Bug KIng DIY Pest Control for Flies | Pic of house fly.


Bug King DIY solutions for fly control coming soon. Please check back regularly or talk to the team at Bug King.

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Bug King DIY Pest Control for Bed-bugs | Pic of bed bug.

Bed bugs

Bug King DIY solutions for bed bug control. Ideal for AirBnB. Deliver AirBnB guests peace of mind by giving them immediate confirmation when they complain about bites.

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