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We deliver Peace of Mind to customers by protecting their families and businesses.

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The team at Bug King provide professional residential & commercial pest control services throughout the Auckland region. We're very different  from other pest control companies because we know what we sell.


A mum doesn't call us because she has fleas. She calls us because she's concerned about the health of her family.

A restaurant doesn't call us because they have a German cockroach problem. They calls us because they're worried about their reputation.

Everything we do, from the time you first ring our call centre to our follow-up call 14 days after we've completed your treatment, is focussed on delivering PEACE OF MIND by providing an outstanding experience. However, don't just believe us, check out the outstanding ratings and comments from our customers at nocowboys.co.nz.

Now we're bringing this capability to the New Zealand D.I.Y. Pest Control market. Our solutions aren't just about selling you pest control products. We're also about providing you with the expertise and help to ensure you can solve your pest problem first time, everytime at a price you can afford. PEACE OF MIND guaranteed!

Please feel free to browse through our solutions. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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