Picture of bed-bug control package.
Picture of bed-bug monitor.

Bed bug Control Package

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Provide an immediate resolution to a guest's bed bug complaints. In 99% of cases the bites will not be bed bugs. Bug King's Passive Monitors allow you to confidently show a guest the bites are not from bed bugs.

Bug King Passive Monitors are unobtrusive devices that are installed at the head end of the bed base using an adhesive pad on the back of the monitor. Inspection of the monitors is a very simple addition to business as usual room servicing.

The design has been proven to provide a highly desirable habitat for bed bugs in extensive field tests. If you do have a current issue with bed bugs, installing this device will see them relocate to the device within 72 hours, allowing you to detect the problem early and resolve it quickly.

The devices remain effective and do not need to be replaced unless there is an active indication of bed bugs.

The Bed bug Control Package comes with;

  • 12 Passive Bed bug Monitors
  • Full installation instructions to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Bed bugs 101 training information to allow you talk knowledgably to guests.
  • Marketing material to promote your industry leading proactive bed bug management.
  • Access to Bug King's Pest Control helpline.